Neil Adler Jazz Piano & Harmonica
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Activities and Gigs


Neil is available to perform in a variety of formats.
As a solo pianist he can entertain groups from small parties to concerts halls, drawing from a large repetoire and flexibility to construct a program in advance or spontaneously that is engaging from pure entertainment to serious listening.


Neil has worked extensively with musicians to help prepare sheet music and lead sheets for live performance or recording. He has written commercial radio short pieces and produced recording sessions. Working with singers to prepare material in the best keys, tempo and feel has been successful in optimizing their presentations. Given advance time, pieces to order can be composed for specific events.


In his Menlo Park home studio Neil takes individual students, primarily pianists, but occasionally other instrumentalists and singers. The emphasis is to individualize a lesson plan given the students abilities and goals. Exercises are developed to improve the ability to play by ear in good rhythm. Although a more difficult approach than reading prewritten music, this has been proven to result in steady improvement toward professional performance skill. Students of intermediate and advanced musicians are served best. 
Neil remains involved with youth teaching thru Jazz Festivals (Stanford, North Coast), Church groups (Mt. Olive, Seventh Day Adventist, EPA)  and school districts (Ravenswood, Redwood City).


Current performances are updated thru Facebook and KCSM jazz radio datebook


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