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Communication with Toots Thielemans

Neil was given the highest endorsement this week (7/4/14) by harmonica legend Toots Thielemans. From recordings brought to him in Belgium thru his manager, they sat down and watched together. Toots was suprised, since most of the many ‘gifts’ he receives are not to his taste. She tells me he was happy and really enjoyed listening. He told her ‘this is my favorite harmonica player - at the moment’. There are of course many other more proficient players carrying the tradition, but what an honor to be recognized by one and only jazz harmonica master. At his managers request I’ll be sending more clips and a copy of the Toots Tribute concert at Stanford. He lives alone with visits from friends and musicians, and although no longer plays, enjoys talking about music. An honor to be considered a friend and disciple of this amazing man. 


Jazz Harmonica Play Along - Vol 2.
Formula: take recordings you like, play along with your harmonica, mix, master (optional) and voila, finished product in record time. No musicians to pay, no pesky laws, just guerrilla karoake.

Upcoming Workshops

Chromatic HarmonicA Fundamentals Neil will present a two part workshop on 'Ten Fundamental Skills for Chromatic Harmonica, steps to learn to improvise’ at the annual SPAH convention (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica)  August 6,7 in St. Louis. This will distill 15 yrs of hard work and study to understand what it takes to negotiate this very difficult and unique instrument.

Making the Music Work This 4 part workshop is for emerging vocalists to improve skills related to getting the music to work thru musicianship skills not usually taught. Topics include types of rhythm, tempos and counting in, charts that work, controlling form in real time, hand and body signals, what to sing after one chorus, vocal options for bossa nova, ballads and rubato and how to practice for results. In September in the Menlo Park Studio.  More details thru email, facebook.